A game with blurred background

The Belote is known in France’s heyday in the 1920’s and remained very popular since.

However, it is unclear exactly how and by whom this game was created because many theories have distorted tracks. Two kinds of theories out of the lot, however:

The name « Belote » come from the surname of his Creator. Again, the tracks diverge, because two names stand out: François Belot is the father of this famous game, Jean Belot have created the rules of Belote, playing with his three brothers.

The term « Belote » take over the pronunciation of the name of an old card game, « the Fair Trump. »

What is certain is that this game from the early nineteenth century origins of provincial and conquered over the years the rest of France.

A game definitely confirmed

The appointment of family or friends are a perfect time to play the Belote is also mouth-to-ear that are transmitted to the rules of the game

The game is so popular that it has since undergone numerous variances. These include the Coinche, the Land or the Discovery Belote.

Do not wait any longer to discover or rediscover this famous card game, versions of this game are available online!

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