Tip No. 1: Count the cards!

If your partner asks the card with the highest value, you can play a card of high value also for the count in your game (because your partner is sure to win the trick);

Tip No. 2: Belote / Rebelote

« Belote and Rebelote » : This is an announcement when the king and the queen of trumps are put in. This announcement is worth 20 points.

Tip No. 3: The stalemate in belote

Impasse: This is a strategy where you assume that your opponent does not play the card you want: you do not play your strongest card to win a fold in hope that the desired map will be played in the next fold, you can then take it through the card you have stored.

Tip No. 4: Discard, discard

You can do a « discard » and several options available to you in this scenario:

play a small asset value (in pinochle that call « piss trump »), even if you have a stronger asset to keep it in your game;

play any card to make an « appeal » to your opponent , that is to say, putting a card through codes that you establish with your partner, letting him know about the cards you have

Overcut game : put a card higher than your opponent, you win cards and high value and can start the next trick.

When the game starts, choose to take advantage if you have the strongest card (jack and nine) and you can then break down the assets;

If you are the defending team (ie one that has no asset), you should try to keep your assets: do everything to cut your opponents (locate the colors so that they do not put them into play);

These shots are Belote to apply in the context of the game playing Belote.

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