What you need: a deck of 32 cards (Ace to 7)

You play with 4 players. The person in front of you is your partner and those located to your left and your right are your adversaries.

Goal of the game : You must reach 501 points with your partner before your opponents (see « power cards »). The 501 points are obviously obtained on several parts.

How to play : « play the card »

Once all the cards dealt and the asset determined, the game starts. It is the player to dealer’s right to place a card on the table. The other players place cards, so according to established rules, always anticlockwise:

You must put on the table a map of color similar to the start (the first card played);

If you do not have the required color in your game and your partner raises the card to the highest value you can place any card (see « Tips »);

If you do not have the required color and your partner has not filed the highest card, you must play a trump. This is called: « cut » the opponent;

If the asset that is the color requested, you must play a trump higher value than the one already on the table (up to strength « or » trump « ). If you do not have the opportunity, play a smaller asset, and if you can « discard » See the tips at belote.

If none of these situations do occur, play the card of your choice.

It is the player who posted the map at the highest value wins the trick. He will also start following the start (he put a card the first).

Note: players who chose the advantage early in the game are absolutely counting more points (on the folds of the two partners) than their opponents.

If successful, they will get 162 points late in the race, the more points of Belote. If they fail, it is the opponents who will get these points (called the losing team it is « inside »).

If a team wins eight folds, said she made a « hood » when they win 250 points.

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